Teaching evaluation

Carry out teaching evaluation easily, efficiently and inexpensively. Universities and colleges around the world use the survey and analysis platform for teaching evaluation QuestionPro.

Carry out teaching evaluation easily, efficiently and inexpensively. Universities and colleges around the world use the survey and analysis platform for teaching evaluation QuestionPro.

Teaching evaluation at universities

Teaching evaluation at universities

Teaching evaluation with QuestionPro

With the university license of the survey and analysis platform from QuestionPro conduct classroom assessments cheaply, quickly, easily and efficiently.

Creation of the questionnaire

You can easily create questionnaires for your teaching evaluation with the support of an intuitive questionnaire editor that is very easy to learn even for inexperienced users. More than 50 scientific question types are available to you. Existing questionnaires at your university can also be used for teaching evaluation. A Word importer is available for this. You can simply save frequently used questionnaires in the questionnaire library and call them up again quickly if necessary. The online questionnaire for teaching evaluation can also be shared among users and can be completely adapted to the CI of the university using the CSS editor. Easiest integration of multimedia elements.

Publish questionnaire

You can conveniently send the questionnaire URL for carrying out the teaching evaluation via E-Mail to your students. You will be supported by the QuestionPro Serial mail function, which automatically sends a personalized E-Mail sends to all participants in a course. The URL can also be distributed via QR code, for example printed out as an insert in scripts or projected on the wall using a projector. This QR code, which contains the questionnaire URL, can be photographed by the students immediately after or during the course and leads directly to the questionnaire for the corresponding course. The feedback therefore takes place in a direct and immediate impression and is therefore unfiltered.

Feedback from the students

The online questionnaires for your teaching evaluation can be filled out either on the PC or via smartphones and tablet PCs, whereby the questionnaires are automatically adapted to the display of the device used by means of HTML5 rendering in terms of design and size. Filling out the questionnaire with a fingertip is also very easy. The possibility of using jump labels and branching logic during the questionnaire design makes filling out the questionnaire easier and faster, as any irrelevant questionnaire content that results from the students' response behavior is hidden. This increases the data return considerably.

Analyses, presentations and reports

The evaluation of your teaching evaluation takes place within the QuestionPro Reporting dashboards, which can either be used in the basic configuration or individually designed. Here, the ratings for each course can be evaluated and compared with one another. The respective administrators decide who is allowed to see which resources. Free text comments can also be easily displayed in the form of word clouds, so-called tag clouds. The results can be published and distributed with a click of the mouse, for example by email to the teaching staff or to the corresponding lecturers whose course was evaluated. This can also be done fully automatically.

Questionnaire for teaching evaluation

Example of a question type within the online questionnaire for teaching evaluation. The questionnaire can be designed according to your own requirements. The presentation of the questionnaire automatically adapts to the device used. Here you can find a → Overview of all question types used

Teaching evaluation evaluation

Example of a standard evaluation as part of the teaching evaluation with the evaluation module. With QuestionPro you can also carry out advanced analyses, such as conjoint analyses, maximum difference scaling, trend, correlation and text analyses as well as benchmarking and much more

Sample questionnaire for teaching evaluation

With the QuestionPro Questionnaire Editor you can quickly and easily create a questionnaire for your teaching evaluation in a responsive layout, taking into account your individual layout and design specifications and with the option of integrating your university logo. The questionnaire adapts automatically to all end devices used and can also be created in several languages ​​so that students can select their preferred language before completing the questionnaire. You can of course also print out the questionnaire for the teaching evaluation.

Sample questionnaire and evaluation from practice.

Security and anonymity

Of course it is with QuestionPro possible to carry out the teaching evaluation anonymously as well as non-anonymously. It is also possible to assign an individual password for each student or to use a global password. The survey data is sent securely using SSL encryption. You manage all access rights using a sophisticated rights and role model. This makes teaching evaluation a sure thing.

ISO 27001 certified survey software

“We chose for several reasons QuestionPro decided for the teaching evaluation. We particularly liked the flexibility, the analysis functions and the ability to customize the questionnaire as we needed it, especially at the department level."

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