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Carry out professional surveys, scientific studies and teaching evaluations at significantly reduced costs and without limitations.

Become a partner of the Academic Sponsorship Program now and take part QuestionPro professional online surveys, surveys, scientific surveys and teaching evaluations significantly reduced in costs and without limitations through ..

Universities References Survey Software QuestionPro

Universities References Survey Software QuestionPro

Surveys, teaching evaluations, alumni surveys, employee surveys and much more: take advantage of this QuestionPro inexpensive for your university

As a university, offer your students and academic staff a professional, high-quality survey service and benefit as a university yourself. Take advantage of it as a university QuestionPro for example for third-party funded research, for employee surveys, campus surveys or for teaching evaluation.

Survey software for colleges and students
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Inexpensive use for all survey applications in a university context

QuestionPro is used at more than 3000 universities, colleges and educational institutions, on all continents. The system has many enthusiastic users, especially in the areas of social science research, pharmacology, economics and medicine. But the system is also used intensively in other areas. Students use QuestionPro for example for semester, bachelor, master or doctoral theses. In the area of ​​university administration, scenarios such as teaching evaluation or employee surveys are very common.

Benefits for students

If a university takes part in the Academic Sponsorship Program, students and academic staff receive an inexpensive and unrestricted survey account for the entire duration of their university membership, with which any number of survey and analysis projects can be carried out. The system is used by companies and research institutions worldwide in the fields of market and opinion research, as a feedback management system and for scientific data collection and analysis. During their studies, students receive valuable tool competence for their later professional life.

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Survey software for universities

Benefit for your university

As a participating university in the Academic Sponsorship Program, you offer students and academic staff the opportunity to use a scientific work tool free of charge that is widely used in research and industry. But QuestionPro also offers you considerable benefits for university-internal applications: Use the system, for example, as part of the academic license in the area of ​​teaching evaluation, for employee surveys, for university elections, for quality assurance at university clinics or for commercial contract research in the context of third-party funded projects.


"QuestionPro is for us the optimal solution for a wide variety of forms of market research. We use the software for both teaching and research. The integration of the app enables a variety of survey options and in particular the integrated analysis tools are very helpful for beginners "

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Request an offer for your university now and use it in the future QuestionPro inexpensive for all survey applications in the university context. We are looking forward to your message!

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