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Increase feedback: 10 best practice tips for significantly more data returns in online surveys

Increase feedback in online surveys
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Tips from our survey experts: Get more feedback with online surveys.

Response rate in the basement? Survey oversaturation in online surveys

An online survey is an effective and inexpensive tool for generating knowledge and is therefore extremely popular among Scientists, Market researchers, Students and now also among private individuals! And because there are so many online surveys on the World Wide Web, a kind of oversaturation can sometimes be seen here, depending on certain industries. The participation and response rates have been falling for years. The effort that has to be put in to get the highest possible return of feedback can be equivalent to an advertising campaign.

Easily and efficiently significantly increase feedback in surveys

One way to increase the response rate is simply to send the survey URL to as many potential survey participants as possible. But this only increases the response rate by increasing the number of participants. And not everyone has sufficient address material and has to be very careful with the resources available, i.e. look after and maintain the address list. Therefore I do not want to speak of nominal values ​​here, but of quotas. The response rate is the response rate divided by the number of contacts x 100. With these tips and the professional Survey Software QuestionPro You can easily increase the response rates in your online surveys!

More feedback, more response: Which survey software will really help you?

Ultimately, there have never been so many online surveys on the Internet as there are today. So you are competing against an insanely large competition with your online survey! That’s a fact! The hunger for feedback and the thirst for knowledge in research is enormous. Modern technologies that drastically simplify the creation, distribution and evaluation of online surveys have grown like mushrooms. And everyone uses these tools, but many of them set you very narrow limits in terms of design, functionality, usability and conducting online surveys. This is your chance when you use the professional survey software QuestionPro use! Because you can use your Online questionnaire make it fancier, more beautiful, more functional and easier. So if you want to receive more feedback, then you should simply follow a few rules and tricks so that your online survey is also noticed! In the following we have put together 10 rules and tips that are sure to help you.

Very simple tips, rules and basics,
that will bring you more feedback!

Tip 1: conduct the survey anonymously

Make it clear that your survey is absolutely anonymous and that no conclusions can be drawn about the respondents. Make use of the professional features of QuestionProsuch as the Respondent Anonymity Assurance. Here insured QuestionPro Your survey participants that no personal data and metadata are passed on, only the items from the surveys.

Tip 2: formulation of the invitation

Find the right words in the invitation letter when you send your survey via E-Mail so that the link to the survey is actually opened. Be friendly, arouse curiosity and stand out from the many invitation emails you get today. Choose a meaningful subject, concise and precise. The invitation text itself should also be written in short, easily understandable sentences.

Tip 3: how long does it take to fill out the survey?

At the beginning of the survey, announce how long it will take to process the questionnaire. Because if your survey participants know how long it takes to complete the survey, then you are most likely to get involved. However, if you realize during the survey that there is no end in sight, then simply cancel the survey and you will lose valuable data. 

Tip 4: why are you taking the survey?

Feel free to write a few lines about the Research subject. Your respondents appreciate you letting them know what they're giving their feedback for! This makes them feel important and valued and do not give their feedback “in the dark”.

Tip 5: Pay attention to the design of the questionnaire

Create a clear and, above all, not too long questionnaire. Because long questionnaires put off survey participants! Especially when you have to scroll endlessly. It is best to design the questionnaire so that only one question is displayed at a time.  

Tip 6: optimize questionnaires for mobile devices

Remember that most people today use the Internet on mobile devices. So make sure that the Online questionnaire It is “mobile-ready” so that your survey participants do not have to scroll or navigate awkwardly. When you complete your online survey with QuestionPro create and carry out, your online questionnaire is automatically made available for all end devices using HTML5 rendering.

Tip 7: Simple and understandable language

Use very simple and understandable language, no complex and awkward formulations and, above all, as few foreign words as possible. Do not use specialist terminology if the addressees of your online survey are not “from the field”. The simpler the better. Because if your survey participants don't understand the questions, they won't be able to answer them correctly.

Tip 8: Create intelligent questionnaires with branches

Hide questions that aren't relevant to your survey takers. Use a smart one to do this Branching logic. Branch logic means that the following questions are displayed depending on the response behavior of your survey participants. 

Tip 9: meet the target group

Don't distribute your poll “anywhere”! There is little point in posting a poll on a hipster photography forum when it comes to developing softer diapers. So find yourself one adequate forum to distribute your survey

Tip 10: Reward your survey takers

Run a competition among the survey participants or offer incentives, for example in the form of a voucher. Or - if you don't have a budget for incentives: Share the survey results with the survey participants. For example, give them the opportunity to do the Real-time evaluation view.

Very important: Use the latest technology to carry out your online surveys

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Increase feedback in online surveys

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