Online survey software

Professional, web-based survey platform for online surveys and data analysis. Reliable. Performant. Scalable. Safe on EU servers. ISO 27001. Compliant with EU data protection (GDPR)

Professional, web-based survey platform for online surveys and data analysis. Reliable. Performant. Scalable. Safe on EU servers. ISO 27001. GDPR compliant.

Survey software customers QuestionPro

Survey software customers QuestionPro

Create and conduct online surveys and analyse survey data

The QuestionPro online survey platform supports you in the entire process of conducting online surveys. From the creation of the questionnaire to the automated publication and distribution of the survey to the graphically sophisticated analyses of the survey data.

Create online surveys quickly and easily

Create your online surveys with the help of an intuitive questionnaire editor. More than 50 professional question types are available. The questionnaires can be adapted to your individual design schemes with the CSS editor! Easy integration of multimedia questions. You can create validations and logics with a few mouse clicks without programming knowledge!

Publication and distribution of surveys

Quick and easy publication and distribution of surveys by e-mail, SMS, embedding in your own website using an automatically generated code. In addition: QR code, feedback tab, feedback terminal, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), personal surveys via interview, telephone surveys (CATI), offline surveys or integration into the QuestionPro Online panel.

Analyses, presentations and reports

Take advantage of that in QuestionPro integrated and graphically appealing analysis dashboard for evaluating your survey data in real time. Downloadable presentations and reports at the click of a mouse. Segmentations, crosstabs, trend analyses, semantic text analyses, correlation analyses, benchmarking, net promoter scores, conjoint analyses, TURF analyses, van Westendorp method and much more!

Create online surveys

Choose from a variety of sophisticated design templates to suit your personal taste. Or define your own survey layout. You can integrate graphics and logos into your online surveys. A simple and intuitive questionnaire editor supports you in creating and designing questionnaires. Choose from up to 50 question types and 100 languages, depending on the licence model!

Create questionnaire for online survey
Distribute and publish online surveys

Distribute online surveys

Integrate your online survey easily into your website via HTML code. If you don't have a website, simply use the QuestionPro Poll link. Integrating the online survey into social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or XING is child's play. You can also send invitations to participate in an online survey by e-mail from within the system. An import function for contacts is available for this purpose. It is also possible to send the survey by SMS. Or use a QR code.

Analyse data from surveys

 QuestionPro offers you real-time analyses for evaluating your survey data. You can observe trends live and create interim evaluations. The survey results are prepared in a graphically appealing way. You can create very simple and very complex evaluations, depending on your wishes and previous knowledge. You can download and save survey data via the export function. Compile your reports and presentations quickly and easily according to your needs. You decide who is allowed to see the evaluations and to whom you share your analyses via the sharing button.

Evaluate survey data in real time

Survey logic

Large range of functions

The web-based survey software QuestionPro offers you a wealth of functions that provide you and your survey participants with the best possible survey experience. Create intelligent logics and branches, multilingual surveys, randomly display questions or answers, set a time limit for completing the online survey and forward your survey participants to any page after completing the survey.

“Question Pro is a very user-friendly survey platform. Both when creating surveys and when creating reports. Users with different statistical knowledge benefit from the adjustable level of analysis. Since we attach great importance to scientific research, the possibility of obtaining unlimited amounts of data suits us very well."

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Live Online Demo

Would you like a live demo of QuestionPro? We would be happy to show you all the functions and question types in a 1:1 online presentation. Simply indicate your preferred date and time. We look forward to seeing you!

QuestionPro Live Demo

Survey Software QuestionPro:
Those are the top features

Create surveys

feature Intuitive questionnaire editor
feature More than 50 question types
feature Comprehensive question library
feature Audio, video and graphics
feature Customizable layout
feature Complete CSS customization
feature Poll chaining
featureBranching logics
featureUse of HTML
featureOwn questionnaire URL
featurePredefined question sets
featureData prefilling
featureScoring logics
featureShow / hide questions
featuremultilingual surveys
featureCache survey
featureProgress indicator
featureSurvey timer
featureRandom questions
featureSEO optimization

Conduct surveys

featureSerialE-Mail & Serial SMS
featureCode for your own website
featureFeedback tab
featurevia live url
featureprinted QR code
featureFeedback Terminal
featureSurvey APP
featureInteractive Voice Response
featureTelephone interview
featurepersonal interview
featureFocus group survey
featureChat survey
featureMulti-channel feedback
featurePersonalized serial emails
featureSending reminder emails
featureFacebook, Twitter, XING & LinkedIn
featurePaper questionnaire
featureSerial delivery from the online address book
featureOnline intercept surveys
featureExit surveys
featureOffline surveys

Evaluate surveys

featureReal-time evaluations
featureGraphic analysis
featureCustom reports
featureGAP analysis
featureData groupings
featureTrend analyses / trend models
featureBanner tables
featureConjoint analysis
featureTURF analysis
featurePrice determination
featureExport of raw data
featureFree text analysis
featureData segmentation
featureDemolition analyses
featureShare evaluations
featureGEO analysis
featureParticipant analyses
featureCorrelation analysis

Large range of functions and an unbeatable price-performance ratio

featureProfessional, web-based, highly scalable & cross-platform solution for conducting online surveys

featureEasily create online questionnaires using the intuitive questionnaire editor

featureQuestionnaires optimized for display on all end devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)

featureIntuitive use: even inexperienced users can create sophisticated online surveys in no time at all

featureAttractive design templates and free choice of colors for a modern look and feel of your online surveys

featureIntegration of own logos, pictures & videos

featureDistribution of the surveys via code snippets, using integrated email management, QR code and via social media buttons

featureOnline and offline surveys and data collection possible, also via app

featureMore than 50 question types and 75 languages ​​possible

featureFully automatic translation of online surveys at the push of a button with the option of manual post-processing or import of language files that have been translated by agencies

featureSophisticated question logics for scientifically demanding work

featureCreate conjoint & TURF analyses and carry them out easily

featurevan Westendorp & Gabor Granger price modeling

featureAnalysis and real-time evaluations via a freely configurable dashboard

featureAI-based semantic text analysis

featureGraphically appealing reporting with extensive content

featureData export in all common formats

featureIntegration of the system into your existing IT, workflow and BPM infrastructure

featureConnection to your ERM, CRM or sales system

featureComplete API integration and numerous extensions

featureComplete input management and business intelligence system

featureComprehensive 24 hour support, help library & video tutorials

featureCollaborative work in a team in Team-Edition

featureSophisticated roles and rights model

featureRegular webinars for new users

Data security and data protection

ISO 27001 certified survey softwareThe security of your data is the most important thing for us, because it is virtually a part of our business model. And that's why data security is a top priority for us. As part of a globally active company based in Germany, which serves clients from all over Europe, we naturally also guarantee data storage within the EU. This means: survey data as well as questionnaires and evaluations are stored on servers within the European Union and are therefore also subject to European data protection standards.

featureHigh data security
featureSSAE 16 (SOC 2) reporting standard
featureServer in the European Union
featureSecure SSL encryption
featureSingle sing-on authentication
featureNo resource-intensive maintenance and operation necessary
featureThere is no need for lengthy system adjustments - immediate usability
featureYou can create surveys conveniently and securely online
featureLatest technological standards
featureGDPR / DGSVO compliant surveys
featureISO 27001 certified

Create, conduct and evaluate online surveys quickly and easily with the professional web-based survey software QuestionPro