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Non-profit organizations use the web-based survey software QuestionPro as part of our NPO waiver program at considerably more favorable conditions.

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QuestionPro supports NGOs and NPOs

QuestionPro supports organizations worldwide that do not work for profit, but whose sole aim is to achieve social and societal goals

We from QuestionPro are of the firm conviction that it is important and worthwhile to support organizations such as NGOs and NPOs that advocate outstanding social issues. Therefore, we support non-profit organizations as part of our NPO Waiver Program with the option of using our survey platform for a significantly reduced annual fee.

NGOs and NPOs trust in QuestionPro

The QuestionPro Survey platform is one of the professional and most widely used solutions for surveys, surveys and data analysis worldwide. More than 4 million people worldwide rely on the implementation of their survey projects QuestionPro. QuestionPro is an IT partner of The IT portal of the Haus des Stiftens gGmbH,, mediates product donations from well-known IT companies as well as special conditions and know-how relating to modern technologies to non-profit organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

QuestionPro is the IT partner of Stifter Helfen


"QuestionPro helps us save lives. With every survey we take with this great tool. "

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Would you also like to work as an NGO or NPO QuestionPro use for surveys and scientific surveys?

QuestionPro supports the idea of ​​, which is why the booking of the program has only been possible via the Stifter-Helfen website since March 23, 2017. Register your NPO license using one of the following links:

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