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Create multilingual surveys and send them in multiple languages. It's that easy QuestionPro

Create multilingual online surveys
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Significantly increase the feedback in online surveys and market research studies by creating and distributing questionnaires and tests in several languages!

Create a multilingual survey

The world is getting smaller and more colorful. We now receive inquiries about the multilingualism of surveys and market research studies on a daily basis. Of course, as a global company, we offer the option of creating multilingual online surveys. In just a few clicks of the mouse, your online questionnaire turns into a polyglot survey. And that almost at the push of a button! Because with QuestionPro you can translate surveys and studies fully automatically and then fine-tune them manually. Or you can upload language files that have been translated into the language of your choice by agencies or translators, for example. In this blog article, we will show you how you can quickly and easily provide multilingual online surveys for your survey participants in the future and thus significantly increase the potential for feedback!

Create survey in multiple languages.
It's that easy QuestionPro

Create a new online survey or select an existing survey

Just create an online survey with the as usual QuestionPro Survey editor or select an existing online survey from your survey directory.

Create multilingual online survey

Add multiple languages ​​to a survey

Then select from the “Edit” menu the option “Languages” and then click on “Add language”

Design the survey in multiple languages

Now you can add any language you want. The selection field with a blue background shows your standard language, the gray one the selected new language. You can add as many languages ​​as you want and choose from a total of 97 languages.

Select language for multilingual surveys

Option 1: Automatic translation of your survey

If you wish, you can now have your questionnaire translated fully automatically using the “Auto Translate” function or via QuestionPro hire a professional agency to translate the questionnaire for you. An online questionnaire that was translated using the auto-translate function can then be "fine-tuned" manually. The progress bar next to the newly created language shows you how far the translation of the questionnaire has progressed in the respective language.

Automatic translation for surveys in several languages

Option 2: Manual translation of your survey

Of course, manual translation of your online survey is also possible. To do this, select “Manual Translation” and the original questions will be displayed on the left and the fields for the translation text on the right. Here you can now easily and clearly translate your online questionnaire step by step.

Create multilingual online survey

Option 3: import translations

You also have the option of importing translations for your online survey, for example if you are working with an agency or external translator who translates your online questionnaire.

Import translations for multilingual online surveys

To do this, first load the pre-structured QuestionPro-Import template. In this template you will find the original texts on the left and the column for entering your translations on the right. Then import this table back into QuestionPro. That's how easy it is!

Have multilingual surveys translated externally

Preview your multilingual survey

You always have the option of previewing the online questionnaire to be processed at every phase of your translation work. To do this, simply click on the “Preview symbol” for the language you want. A pop-up window will then open. All texts that have not yet been translated are marked in red.

Create multilingual online survey

Create multilingual online survey

The result: a questionnaire with language selection

When you have finished translating your questionnaire, your survey participants will have a choice of languages ​​at the beginning of the online survey, which will lead them to the respective language version of the online survey.

Language selection for multilingual surveys

It's that easy to translate online surveys into any language. If you have any further questions about multilingualism in surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to show you all the functions of our web-based survey platform as part of a 1: 1 live presentation QuestionPro.

Distribute multilingual survey

QuestionPro not only offers you the option of creating a survey in multiple languages. Also the distribution of multilingual surveys via the serial mail function within the web-based survey software QuestionPro works quickly and easily! You can be multilingual E-Mail-Create templates for the distribution of invitation emails. Simply add a template in your preferred standard language and translate it automatically or manually into any other language. When sending the E-Mail the multilingual E-MailTemplate to send the invitations in the native language of your survey participants.

We show you how to send surveys in multiple languages ​​in our → Help documentation.

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Create multilingual surveys with the web-based survey software QuestionPro

You want more about QuestionPro and how you can create multilingual surveys quickly and easily? We would be happy to show you the features and question types of the survey software in a personal 1:1 live online demo QuestionPro. Make an individual appointment now.

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