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In this blog article we present the most important and exciting features and question types of the web-based survey platform QuestionPro with which you can conduct professional surveys quickly and easily

Popular question types and features of the survey platform QuestionPro for conducting professional and advanced online surveys

QuestionPro With more than 3 million users in over 100 countries, it is one of the most widely used survey platforms. Is popular QuestionPro Especially because the web-based survey, market research and experience management platform includes top features and predefined question types that allow you to create questionnaires and conduct online surveys, customer surveys, touchpoint analyses, employee surveys, guest surveys et al. considerably simplified This is how you can create complex and extensive online surveys in no time at all and make filling out a questionnaire a real experience for your survey participants, which definitely gives you more feedback - and clean data! Here we show you selected question types with which you can carry out a professional survey and which you should definitely know.

Net Promoter Score

Carry out a Net Promoter Score survey with QuestionPro

The Net Promoter Score is a key performance indicator that measures customer loyalty with a simple question. The question is about the willingness to recommend the company, a product or a brand to best friends or acquaintances.

A value of 9-10 means that your customers are real “promoters” of your company who actively advertise your brands and products in their own environment and would buy them again and again. Customers who give a score in the range of 7 to 8 are considered passive, which means that they will neither promote your business nor utter negative comments. So-called “detractors” are those who rate the Net Promoter question with only 0-6 points. These customers are most likely dissatisfied, actively talk about it in their circle of acquaintances and would also not buy your products again.

With the survey platform QuestionPro you can carry out an NPS survey quickly and easily with the help of the predefined question set. You can find more resources about the → on our Experience Management website Net Promoter Score

Conjoint Analysis

Perform conjoint analysis with the survey software QuestionPro

The conjoint analysis is a multivariate method stemming from the science of psychology, which is often used today to assess the preferences of consumers. Here, the test persons are presented and compared with a large number of properties and features of a product, from which they then select the preferred items. The total of all votes of the test persons then results in a product with the ideal product properties.

Here you can find more resources about the → Conjoint Analysis

Maximum difference scaling

Maximum difference scaling

Maximum Difference Scaling is a method from market research that allows you to identify the best from a multitude of options. Here, test persons select the preferred and the least preferred from a certain number of properties in several rounds, which is why maximum difference scaling is also called best-worst scaling.

Here you can find more resources about the → Maximum difference scaling

Branching logic

With the “Branch Logic” feature, you can conduct intelligent online surveys with sophisticated logics and branches. Branching logic means that the survey participants are presented with the following questions within the online questionnaire based on the previous response behavior.

Example: You want to conduct a survey to measure social media usage on your smartphone. Here, for example, it is asked whether social media are used on the smartphone. If respondents answer yes, they will receive a series of questions about social media use. If they answer no, the social media usage questions will be skipped. This function can be used to create very complex multiple branches, up to and including the chaining of entire surveys. The branching logic makes it much easier for the survey participants to fill out the questionnaire, since irrelevant questions are not even presented.

Here you can find more resources about the → Branching logic

Video and audio question types

Embed video in a survey and perform video rating

With the survey platform QuestionPro you can embed audio and videos as question types in your online questionnaire. In this way, auditory and visual dimensions can also be assessed, such as advertising videos or radio spots. Comprehensive questions with a high explanatory content can also be conveyed more easily than through long texts. On the one hand, this loosens up the questionnaire, makes it more interesting and exciting for younger generations and also encourages a more detailed study of the question content.

Here you can find more resources about the → Multimedia embedding

Image analysis

Heatmap Image Testing Evaluation

QuestionPro In addition to embedding multimedia elements, it also enables you to analyse image content, for example to evaluate advertising messages or, for example, to determine perceptual accentuation. Image tests are also popular in psychological diagnostics. With the question types for image analysis, test subjects select certain image areas with a click of the mouse, which are displayed as a heat map in the evaluation. The special feature: In addition to the markings themselves, the click sequence is also recorded. In this way you can find out which image area was clicked on first by the test person. That makes these types of questions extremely interesting for both market research and science!

Here you can find more resources about the → image analysis

Conduct a password-protected survey

Conduct surveys with password protection QuestionPro

Password-protected surveys ensure that unauthorized survey participants fill out a questionnaire. With the invitation to a survey via serial email, passwords can be generated from the survey system with which survey participants can authenticate. It is possible to send a global password for all survey participants or to generate a password for each survey participant.

Automatic question feed

Automatic question feed

Automatic question feed means that as soon as a survey participant has answered a question, they are automatically forwarded to the next question without any interaction. The automatic question feed makes it much easier for survey participants to fill out the online questionnaire, both on the PC and on the smartphone.

Here you can find more resources about the → Automatic question feed

Conduct guaranteed anonymous surveys with RAA

Conduct an anonymous survey

QuestionPro As a professional survey platform with the “RAA” feature, it offers you the option of creating and carrying out completely anonymized online surveys, which means that no meta-resource information is supplied with the data sent by the survey participants. With meta-resourcermations, for example, the IP address, the terminal device used or the operating system et al.

RAA means “Respondent Anonymity Assurance” and means that QuestionPro assures the survey participants that no personal data will be sent to the initiator of the survey. A link in the footer of the survey, which leads to a corresponding explanation, draws attention to this. This increases the acceptance on the part of the survey participants and creates trust, which in turn leads to more feedback.

Here you can find more resources about the → Respondent Anonymity Assurance

Conduct a chat-style survey

Conduct a chat-style survey

The chat-style questionnaire provides more feedback and an exciting filling-out experience. The survey participants are presented with a questionnaire that looks and feels like a classic chat. A chat bot queries the items one by one, resulting in a kind of dialogue. Survey participants have the feeling that they are not filling out a rigid questionnaire but are actually being interviewed. The chat questionnaire is particularly suitable for smaller surveys, whereby it can also map complex and comprehensive surveys and contains just as intelligent functions as the classic online questionnaire. Try it!

Here you can find more resources about the → Chat style questionnaire

Matrix questions

Matrix questions are the summary of several questions in a table. The questions all have the same answer options and can therefore be displayed in a space-saving and clear manner, as the following example shows:

Matrix questions

The use of matrix questions, also known as the “item battery”, is very clear and therefore saves an enormous amount of time, since test subjects only have to read the question once. The use of matrix questions is also convenient for the questionnaire creator, since most survey solutions have an assistant for creating a matrix table and therefore not each question has to be listed individually. The use of matrix questions is very popular because of the space-saving display on screens and the associated possibility of collecting a large amount of data

Here you can find more resources about the → Matrix questions

Conduct a multilingual survey

Conduct a multilingual survey

QuestionPro offers you the option of creating an online survey in several language versions. At the beginning of the survey, survey participants can decide in which language the questionnaire should be filled out. However, you do not have to create several surveys in different languages ​​for this, you can provide a survey in several languages. That saves you a lot of time and effort.

An integrated module is available for translation. However, it is also possible to translate the survey using an Excel spreadsheet. Here an Excel file is made QuestionPro downloaded out, which is simply uploaded again after translation. This is particularly useful if you have your survey translated by third parties.

Poll timer

Time limit for online surveys and online tests

The “Survey Timer” feature enables survey participants to fill out the online questionnaire in a prescribed time. This function is also useful for online tests. You can easily define a time in the form of a countdown in the survey settings. If the countdown has expired, it is no longer possible to complete the survey or the test.

Here you can find more resources about the → Survey timer

Perform online tests

Perform online tests with QuestionPro

QuestionPro contains a whole range of functions and question types that enable you to create sophisticated online tests, such as quiz questions or exams, exams, assessments, etc. Not only points can be added up and evaluated. Use the in QuestionPro contained validations, branches and logics to carry out complex online tests. Further features are test comparisons, benchmarking, detailed individual evaluations for each question, integrated question library, survey timer and the possibility of using the so-called kiosk mode, which forces the test on the PC to always remain in the foreground and other applications such as the Internet -Browser, cannot be called.

Here you will find further resources on the features related to the → Online test

Individual survey design

Survey design

Boring survey layouts are a part of it QuestionPro a thing of the past. You can freely define all the graphic properties of your online questionnaire using the layout dashboard. Regardless of whether it is about the color of buttons, the integration of logos, images and videos, or the design of headings, paragraphs, backgrounds, colors and sizes. Everything is possible. With the use of the basic setting you already have an infinite number of design options. If that is not enough for you, you can also use the integrated CSS function and design your questionnaire completely according to your wishes and ideas.

Here you can find more resources about the → Survey design

"Ranking" question type

Carry out a survey with a ranking question

With the question type “Ranking”, also known as a ranking question, you determine the preferences of test subjects or survey participants by arranging certain terms in a preferred order. This order is arranged very easily using drag & drop by simply transferring the selected terms into an order field with a click of the mouse. Within this classification field, the individual terms can be corrected again in the order of precedence.

Here you can find more resources on question types → Order of precedence

Text highlighting

Text highlighting - highlighting and evaluating texts

With the text highlighting function, survey participants and test subjects can mark, rate and comment on passages of a defined text. The marking colors and the selection dimensions are completely freely definable.

We will shortly be presenting this function to you in great detail in a separate blog post. The feature will be available in early March.

Online Community

Online community of QuestionPro

The QuestionPro Online Community is an excellent tool to offer your customers and employees a common platform for interaction. With the online community platform from QuestionPro create and administer your customer and employee community quickly, easily and clearly. Top features of the community are, for example, the ability to easily distribute surveys within the community, forum and discussion functions, chats, an integrated ideas board, the ability to hold virtual focus group discussions and engagement tools to activate and incentivize community Members. The community is administered and controlled via a central dashboard.

Here you can find more resources about the → Online community platform

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